We are a high energy gym specializing in weight loss, toning and building muscle for every one.

Get ready to sweat and burn between 800 and 1200 calories in just a 45 minute workout whilst having fun.  Our classes are designed to give you maximum results.

Our fitness professionals have taken core training methods from various workout programmes, such as Fitness Training, Pilates, Yoga, TRX, Rebounding, as well as by scientifically formulating and combining the fitness and speed of a  Fighter with the endurance of a Soldier, our tactical boxing fitness by far beats any other system to give you a full body, upper, lower and core workout   guaranteeing you  a fun and effective work out.


Our classes are designed for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.  It’s a real gym for real people to improve quality of life.

Our programmes:

  • Personal training concentrating on personal problem areas
  • Group fitness
  • 30min Speed programme for the individual with limited time
  • Moms and tots
  • Pregnancy fitness classes
  • Join our 12 week challenges



Our professional  staff will measure, manage, motivate and help maintain your weight by doing weekly weight counts, fat percentage counts,  as well as muscle growth by formulating special easy to follow dietary programmes to lose weight or gain muscle.


Our nutrition bar serves mouth watering shakes specialising in weight loss, building endurance, pre and post workout shakes, as well as nutritional shakes for the average person. We also serve a number of other refreshments.